Do You Already Know These 8 Fantastic Famous Pets ?

Almost every pet parent enjoys taking pictures of their pets and posting them on social media. They’re just so cute,right?  Some pet’s humans created a business around their furry ones—the business of making you smile. With hard work and often also some luck they turned their furry ones into internet stars . The famous pets […]

Summer Grooming Tips from an Expert: Joanna from A La Queue

When summer arrives and dogs struggle with the heat, many dog parents ask themselves: Is it bad to give dogs a haircut in the summer? Also, how can we make the excessive shedding stop?  We spoke to expert Joanna Turk from A La Queue to find out what dog guardians should and should NOT do […]

Ohmycat – Meet the Lebanese Company That Makes Cat Furniture!

Cat lovers, listen up! We are very excited to introduce yet another amazing brand to the Petriotics shop: OhmyCat ! We spoke to Razan, the Founder and Chief Designer of OhmyCat to find out more: Hello Razan, can you tell us a bit about OhmyCat? OhmyCat is a cat furniture design studio, where we design, manufacture, […]

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