Please help to find Peggy and Pia

Yesterday a member reached out to us regarding this case and asked us to spread the word. Knowing how terrible it is to lose a pet, we want to do as much as we can to help find these two beautiful cats (mother & daughter). Peggy (14) and Pia (12) lived a very comfortable life until October, when they were left at a farm in Deir Mar Chaaya,  Brumanna (this is the exact location) by their owners parents without him knowing. A lot of people already went back to look for Peggy and Pia but there is no trace of them at the farm and chances are they were taken by someone. Living outside of Lebanon, their owner is heartbroken about what happened and is desperately trying to find them, even offering a $500 reward for each of his cats to be found:

If you live around Brumanna or have friends/ family who do, please spread the word and keep your eyes open for these two unlucky seniors. Beautiful as they are, they could also be for sale in a pet shop, so when you pass by one the next time, please have a look!


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