Why Insurance?

Sometimes, things happen to our furry family members when we least expect them and pet hospitalization bills will break the bank. Luckily, we now have pet insurance to make sure those expensive bills caused by (accidents, acute illness or poisoning) are taken care off and worry free!

What does it cover?

General terms

We highly recommend that you take the time to go through the Pet Assist pet insurance general terms and service by clicking on the general terms button below as there are some restrictions, cases, and terms where the policy will not cover the medical fees.

General Terms

Vet network

The insurance coverage is made possible by partnering up with the below veterinary clinics. If your vet is not among the list, please do drop us a message and we will make sure PetAssist tries to get in touch to enlist them among the insurance coverage network.


Click to view the list
1- Animal Care Veterinary Hospital – Mtayleb (Dr. Jihad Darwiche)
2- Animal House Hospital – Jal El Dib (Dr. Elias Nicolas)
3- Animalife Veterinary Hospital – Hazmieh (Dr. Michel Salameh)
4- Animal Life Veterinary Center – Khalde (Dr. Rosemarie Jawhari)
5- Animed – Jounieh (Dr. Walid Darwiche)
6- Dr. Paw – Dbayeh (Dr. Myra Tabet)
7- Happy Puppy – Zouk Mikael (Dr. Ihab Abboud)
8- Healthy Pet Hospital – Amchit (Dr. Chadi Tarek)
9- Mamalia – Ashrafieh (Dr. Marc Kassab)
10- Medifarm – Broummana (Dr. Nagib Berberi)
11- PAW – Koura (Dr. Jad Nachar)
12- Pet Care Veterinary Clinic – Manara (Dr. Ali Hemadeh)
13- Pet Palace – Saifi (Dr. Ihab Chaaban)
14- Les Acacias Beirut Pet Hospital – Verdun (Dr. Maher Yehia)
15- Les 4 Pattes – Antelies (Dr. Jospeh Ahwache)
16- Santé Animale – Zouk Mosbeh (Dr. Laurent Mouawad)
17- VetCare – Kornet Chehwan (Dr. Jean Chalhoub)
18- Vet Space – Bikfaya (Dr. Samantha-Joe Bou Raad)
19- V.I.Pet Animal Center – Ramlet El Bayda (Dr. Ricardos Saad)
20- Le Veto – Jounieh/Ashrafieh/Rabieh (Dr. Abdo Kallasy)