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Member Story: What Is It Like To Live With Multiple Pets?

The more cuddles the better, right? Many pet parents have more than one fur child living together under one roof. However, this peaceful co-existence doesn’t always come easily, especially when it involves different species that communicate differently. We spoke to our member Nadine about living in a multi-pet household, her fur kids and what to look […]

This Is What You Should Know About Chaining Your Dog Outside

Have you seen chained dogs in your neighborhood or village – maybe even in your friends or relatives garden – and wondered if this is wrong or just ‘the way things have always been’? Is it abuse or are there legit reasons to chain a dog on your property? Here are some common questions about […]

Flying with a pet? Tips for safe airplane travels with your furry one

Pets are family and family must not be left behind, even if you move country. Luckily today most airlines accept transporting pets and if you have to leave the country for good or plan to spend a long period of time abroad, you can make it happen. Like with most things in life, good preparation […]

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