Pawise – Vertigo Post


The American PAWISE® Scratcher is recognized in over 22 countries worldwide with the same quality. So that the cat eliminates the old nails, renewing their claws, besides promoting the relaxation and eliminate the stress. Beautiful scraper, based on plush and sisal tower, which awakens the cat’s touch. Practical to mount and transport. The catnip is offered in the form of 2gr herb, and the family of mint and is well known for its stimulating action that placed inside toys. Under the effect of the plant, cats may begin to sniff, lick, chew, shake their heads, mew, rub their jaws and roll their bodies around as if they are having a good time. The use of catnip is recommended for very aggressive cats. There is no risk of harm to their health, most cats know when to stop and never get intoxicated.

Dimensions: A45 X L35 cm

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