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Litter Pearls


Weight Available: 3 KG – 1.8KG

For smart cat owners like you, superior odor control and moisture absorption is of the utmost importance. Thankfully, Crystal Clear Track-Less Litter Pearls are here with special litter pearls that trap odors, neutralizing the strong urine smell. Liquid waste is quickly absorbed by the Crystal Clear Track-Less Litter Pearls, leaving your cat’s litter box dry and clean. Use Crystal Clear litter for one cat or more, either way the powerful strength of this litter is undeniable!

Crystal Clear Track-Less Litter Pearls Cat Litter Features and Benefits:

  • Low tracking
  • Super absorbent
  • Maximum odor control
  • Special porous channels capture odor particles
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy maintenance and clean up
  • Safe for all cats