Shipping Service

Shipping is handled by either a third party courier service partner or Petriotics shipping department. An e-mail will be sent confirming that the order has been dispatch from our facility along with tracking details so that the customer will be able to track the shipment and estimate when it is expected to arrive.

Shipping Dates

First Subscription Shipment / One time order
When a customer first orders, they shall expect to receive their shipment within three business days from the date it gets dispatched from our facilities, It is highly recommended that they order their pet food supplies three days ahead so that they avoid running out of supplies.

Subscription Orders
Customer can subscribe for a scheduled delivery depending on how fast their pets consume their food. On that specified time-frame, a shipment of supplies will be sent to the customer on the provided shipping address.

Shipping Cost

We believe that sharing is caring.

We know that shipping heavy weights is quite expensive, we are not going to let you pay  it all, we will pay our share, always more than 50% of the cost will be paid by Petriotics. Customers will be charged $2 on the first 5 kg and $1 for each additional 5 kg, please check the chart below.

Weight (KG)Total $Petriotics $Customer $
0 — 5532
5 — 10743
10 — 15954
15 — 201165
20 — 251376
25 — 301587
30 — 351798
35 — 4019109
40 — 45211110
45 — 50231211



We accept returns based on a case by case basis. You can e-mail us regarding any returns at
Please be informed that the product you wish to return shall be intact, unused and not opened.

Shipping Cost


Returns deputes that are accepted will incur $0 return fee.