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Are You Making Any Of These 5 Dog Training Mistakes?

We all want a wonderfully behaved dog, but sometimes it becomes frustrating when the training just doesn’t seem to show the desired progress. All good things need time and obviously you won’t be able to change your dog’s behavior from a week to another. Still, if you feel like your dog is not well trained […]

Finally: Lebanon Will Have An Animal Protection And Wellfare Law

GOOD NEWS We’re finally moving forward with animal welfare in Lebanon! Thanks to the continuous efforts of Animals Lebanon, who collaborated with the Ministry of Agriculture, their Animal Protection and Welfare Law has been approved by the Lebanese Parliament. Institutions that handle animals such as breeding facilities, pet shops, agricultural institutions, and zoos will finally […]

Two Lebanese Homemade Brands That Your Dog Will Love

Treats are an effective training tool and a great way to tell your dog “well done” in terms they can clearly understand. But just like with dry food, dog owners should be careful about the ingredients found in dog treats. They are less regulated than food and often contain sugar and numerous doubtful additives. It […]

How To Deal With Your Dogs Food Allergies

Is your dog very itchy or has recurrent skin infections? Food allergies are a rising concern with pet owners as they are the third most common cause after flea bite allergies and inhalant allergies. First, there is a difference between food allergies and food intolerances: Food allergies are true allergies and show the characteristic allergic […]