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How Much Exercise Does Your Pet Need?

I would assume that most of us know (at least in theory 😉 ) the importance of physical exercise in order to live a healthy, balanced life. In this, our furry companions aren’t so different from us and especially in a city like Beirut with a scarcity of green areas, let alone parks, many dogs […]

7 Reasons You Should Attend The ‘Let’s Talk Dogs’ Event

Do you have a dog and no plans for the upcoming Sunday? Pawfect!  There will be an exciting event for dog lovers full of interesting seminars surrounding ‘dog care’ in downtown Beirut. Not sure if it’s for you? Have a look at these  7 reasons why you should not miss out:   1.You will learn […]

Two Lebanese Homemade Brands That Your Dog Will Love

Treats are an effective training tool and a great way to tell your dog “well done” in terms they can clearly understand. But just like with dry food, dog owners should be careful about the ingredients found in dog treats. They are less regulated than food and often contain sugar and numerous doubtful additives. It […]

7 Things Lebanese People Do When You Walk Your Dog

As much as most dog owners love to walk their pup, there are always some weird encounters with strangers. While some of them make you laugh, others are quite annoying…   1.Catcalling your dog Girls are silently hoping he really means the dog.   2.“What breed is it? Easy one. Just make up a breed. “It’s […]

Obesity in Dogs and Cats: What To Do If My Pet is Overweight?

It is a big part of our culture to express our love to family and friends by offering generous amounts of foods to them at every possible occasion. It is said, that the way to the heart is through the stomach and sometimes, when it comes to our beloved pets, we tend to follow the […]

5 New Year’s Resolution That Will Make Your Dog Happy

Instead of committing to the usual unrealistic resolutions that we break half-through the year (like going to the Gym every day), why not aim for something fun and feasible this time that will make both,our dog and us, feel good.   Take more and longer walks with your Pup. Did you work long hours last […]