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How To Do A Peaceful Cat-To-Cat Introduction

Many people believe, that if you place two stranger cats into a room together, they’ll just “work it out”.That is a terrible idea and can end up pretty  bad. Being the awesome unique animals they are, they require a gradual introduction.And that might take some time and patience.The two cats are placed in positions where […]

7 Things Humans Do That Dogs Hate

There might be some things we dog lovers do with the best intentions without even knowing that it makes our furry ones uncomfortable and confused… 1.Waking Them Up Suddenly Just like you and likely most people you know, dog’s don’t like to be woken up suddenly. It startles and bothers them. So if you have […]

My Cat is a Picky Eater, What Can I Do About It?

Almost weekly we have customers, that describe their cats’ picky eaters, who are giving them a hard time to switch from one food to another. While there is always the possibility that the cat simply doesn’t like the new food, we had people trying up to 10 different high-quality brands, dry and wet, and the cat […]