Two Lebanese Homemade Brands That Your Dog Will Love

Treats are an effective training tool and a great way to tell your dog “well done” in terms they can clearly understand. But just like with dry food, dog owners should be careful about the ingredients found in dog treats. They are less regulated than food and often contain sugar and numerous doubtful additives. It […]

My Cat is a Picky Eater, What Can I Do About It?

Almost weekly we have customers, that describe their cats’ picky eaters, who are giving them a hard time to switch from one food to another. While there is always the possibility that the cat simply doesn’t like the new food, we had people trying up to 10 different high-quality brands, dry and wet, and the cat […]

How To Deal With Your Dogs Food Allergies

Is your dog very itchy or has recurrent skin infections? Food allergies are a rising concern with pet owners as they are the third most common cause after flea bite allergies and inhalant allergies. First, there is a difference between food allergies and food intolerances: Food allergies are true allergies and show the characteristic allergic […]

7 Things Lebanese People Do When You Walk Your Dog

As much as most dog owners love to walk their pup, there are always some weird encounters with strangers. While some of them make you laugh, others are quite annoying…   1.Catcalling your dog Girls are silently hoping he really means the dog.   2.“What breed is it? Easy one. Just make up a breed. “It’s […]