How To Do A Peaceful Cat-To-Cat Introduction

Many people believe, that if you place two stranger cats into a room together, they’ll just “work it out”.That is a terrible idea and can end up pretty  bad. Being the awesome unique animals they are, they require a gradual introduction.And that might take some time and patience.The two cats are placed in positions where […]

7 Reasons You Should Attend The ‘Let’s Talk Dogs’ Event

Do you have a dog and no plans for the upcoming Sunday? Pawfect!  There will be an exciting event for dog lovers full of interesting seminars surrounding ‘dog care’ in downtown Beirut. Not sure if it’s for you? Have a look at these  7 reasons why you should not miss out:   1.You will learn […]

Should You Feed Your Dog Grain-Free Food?

More and more dog food companies advertise their products as “grain free” which appears to many people as “healthier”. But is it really? Yes and no: The natural diets of canines contain almost no carbs, with the primary source being predigested grasses, fruits and veggies found in the stomachs of prey animals. And while dogs […]

Finally: Lebanon Will Have An Animal Protection And Wellfare Law

GOOD NEWS We’re finally moving forward with animal welfare in Lebanon! Thanks to the continuous efforts of Animals Lebanon, who collaborated with the Ministry of Agriculture, their Animal Protection and Welfare Law has been approved by the Lebanese Parliament. Institutions that handle animals such as breeding facilities, pet shops, agricultural institutions, and zoos will finally […]

5 Pawlicious Superfoods For You And Your Dog

Both, you and your furry companion, can profit from several superfoods to help you maintain a good general health. Superfoods are nutritionally dense and pack a lot of healthful benefits into one serving. They can help your bodies prevent and fight diseases, boost your energy and strenghten your immune systems. Since their goodness is so […]

7 Pets From Lebanon You Should Follow On Instagram

Because your Instagram can always use more cuteness, we put together this compilation of pawesome, adorable and exciting Lebanese pet accounts, that will keep you awww-ing on a daily basis. Get inspired while having a look at their adventures, explore new hiking spots and check out Lebanons pet friendly places! Ava ( @ava_both_francis ) Like […]

7 Things Humans Do That Dogs Hate

There might be some things we dog lovers do with the best intentions without even knowing that it makes our furry ones uncomfortable and confused… 1.Waking Them Up Suddenly Just like you and likely most people you know, dog’s don’t like to be woken up suddenly. It startles and bothers them. So if you have […]

Two Lebanese Homemade Brands That Your Dog Will Love

Treats are an effective training tool and a great way to tell your dog “well done” in terms they can clearly understand. But just like with dry food, dog owners should be careful about the ingredients found in dog treats. They are less regulated than food and often contain sugar and numerous doubtful additives. It […]