Which Type Of Toy Is Right For My Dog?

Has your dog lost interest in his toys? Do they lie all around your house and your dog ignores them and you wonder what you spent all that money for while he gets excited at plastic bottles, tissues and strange household objects? If you are running out of ideas on how to keep your canine […]

4 Ingredients You Should Pay Attention To When Choosing Dry Food For Your Dog

Without a doubt, food (among exercise) is the most important factor in your dog’s life. Through diet, he has to get everything his body needs and therefore it’s important you educate yourself about ingredients to choose the right food for your dog. Unfortunately, there is no one answer to “What is the right food?”.We can help […]

Why Dogtraining Matters – Interview with Bechara Hitti

As a professional dog trainer, Bechara Hitti from Bright Animals, emphasizes on positive reinforcement. Read our short interview with him to find out more about his experience, the importance of dog training  and how to keep both ends of the leash happy! About Bechara Hitti founded Bright Animals in 2011, the first Lebanese humane dog training […]