3 Top Cat Food Choices on a Budget

Every cat parent knows, that it can be a struggle to find a food brand that you, your wallet and your furry one love. Cats are known to be very picky eaters that would often rather starve themselves than eat food they dislike. There are a lot of choices, from the low budget food you find at Spinneys to the higher quality brands found at vet clinics all over Lebanon and it can be very confusing at times. While you might not be able to spend a lot of money on your feline companion’s food, you definitely want to make sure your pet gets the highest quality for what you are able to pay. To give you a place to start from, we’ve come up with a list of our favorite budget cat food below 30,000 L.L:


1. For your sensitive cat: Josera Sensi Cat  2kg 25,000 L.L


Josera SensiCat is a well-balanced formula with high-quality ingredients, that ensure a high digestibility. Ideal for adult cats and cats with a sensitive digestive system. Its ph-value of 6,0-6,5 is being supported to reduce the risk of urinary stone formation while dietary fiber reduces the hairball formation. If your cat is suffering from an actual food intolerance, have a look at Josera Marinesse, our great budget hypoallergenic cat food choice.

2.For your fluffy cat: Josera CateLuxe 2kg 25,000 L.L


Catelux with delicious duck and potatoes contains extra dietary fiber. It is, therefore, the ideal feed for finicky cats who are prone to hairball formation. This is particularly important for long-haired cats.Valuable fatty acids, vitamins, and trace elements ensure healthy skin and a shiny coat, while a pH-value of 6,0-6,5 is being supported to reduce the risk of urinary stone formation. A great choice for your very fluffy one!

3.For every other cat: Hill’s Science Plan Feline Adult Optimal Care with Tuna or with Chicken, Lamb or Rabbit 2kg 25,000 L.L 



Hill’s Science Plan Feline Adult Optimal Care is formulated to support optimal fitness, with clinically proven antioxidants, lean proteins and enhanced Omega 3s. It contains clinically proven antioxidants for a healthy immune system, Supports gentle, healthy digestion and Sustains healthy vital organs with balanced mineral levels. Your cat will for sure love at least one of the 4 flavors!

If you couldn’t find the right food for your cat or have any questions comment or write us a message! We are more than happy to help you choose the right food for your furry loved one(s).

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